Force Boats


Force Boats came to life in 1995. With a combination of an original imagination, innovative thinking combined with a passion for boats, Rod Bickerton created FORCE BOATS… his dream transformed to a reality. FORCE is the result of an obsession, an unwavering fixation to create a high quality, high performance hull with the finest finish.

We are very proud to say that the passion, innovation and originality continues. There is something very unique about buying a FORCE BOAT. When you buy a FORCE …you’re not buying it from a salesman, you are buying it from the individual that created FORCE BOATS. The original designer is the business owner. Rod is still 100% on the tools! Overseeing every boat from start to finish, ensuring each boat leaves the FORCE Factory with the highest structural quality and finest finish of any boat available in Australia.


* 100% HAND LAID CONSTRUCTION – Ensuring even weight distribution and using Vinyl Esther resin and composite laminates.
* VACUUM BAG CONSTRUCTION V’S INFUSION – The Vacuum bag manufacturing method provides unbeatable adhesion to the boats core and assures extreme impact resistance. Here at FORCE, we have studied and researched the infusion process and have found that using the infusion method does not produce the strict finish level that we set ourselves. The vacuum bagging process allows us to produce a strong structural component retaining a high automotive finish.

More on Infusion…and why we choose to stick with traditional method’s
The infusion process requires multiple resin rich layers (excess weight) on the external surface to reduce fiber print on the gel coat – These multiple resin rich layers can lead to a brittle and weaker external surface area. The vacuum bagging process allows us to have high mechanical properties without compromising our high class automotive finish…We have proven this in our years of manufacture and continue to research and develop our manufacturing process. We have composite engineers continuously reviewing our product standards to ensure a consistent level of manufacture… which in this industry is not common practice.

NOTE – To ensure we meet all of our valued customers requirements, at FORCE we can also offer an infused constructed hull. Rod has been highly trained in the infusion manufacturing process and is happy to customise your boats construction should this be a specific request.

* GUARANTEED STRUCTURAL STRENGTH – The composite construction of Force Boats is extensively tested in extreme race conditions. As of this year 2017, we have been manufacturing race boats for decades and in that time the structural integrity of our hulls has never been compromised. All of the structural stringers are high density foam, encapsulated in directional glass. All floors are foam sandwich, and are glued and glassed to the stringers, this ensures structural strength to all of the air chambers, fuel tanks and ballast tanks with no chance of separation.

* JOINED THE RIGHT WAY – All of our boats are joined together by glue and glass, on the entire inside edge of the join, from the Transom to the nose of the boat. Our transoms are hand finished in Gel Coat, not merely glued with a cover strip. This makes the boat a “mono construction” …making it stiff and strong.

* HANDS ON – Force Boats are a uniquely handmade product by craftsmen with passion. Our staff, are full time, valued employees. We are very fortunate to say that our staff are the skeleton of our success. All of our employees share Rod’s passion for making the finest product available in our country.

* YOUR INTERIOR WILL NOT ROT – All Force interior including front buckets, rear lounges, are completely hand laid, glass shells with plastic bases and backings with stainless steel stapling. No timber is used in the seating = NO ROT.

* UNBEATABLE QUALITY OF PARTS – It is a consistent and ongoing job keeping up to date and researching the best quality parts available to use in our boats …we usefully anodised aluminium or polished stainless steel, we choose NOT to use powder coating, cast or raw aluminium parts, which are weak and tend to corrode easily. We use Rex Marine products imported from the United States.

* COMMUNICATION – is vital to the success of any relationship, this is why as a custom manufacturer we insist on getting it right from the start. You choose your colours, options and any special requirements you may need or like in your FORCE, we work with you to design a custom package that you will love and enjoy owning. We also email updates and photos on your boats progress during the construction process.


* MULTI CURRENT WORLD CHAMPION RECORD … CONSITSTANT RESULTS ON THE RACE TRACK – Please visit our FORCE UPDATE PAGE for WINNING results from Teams using FORCE BOATS. In the 2007 Australia won the World Water-ski Racing Championships taking 5 out of 6 Titles. Every skier towed to victory was towed behind a FORCE, making FORCE BOATS the most successful ski boat manufacturer in WORLD WATER SKI RACING HISTORY. Our range includes the F14, F18, F18x, F19x, F21, F21s, F21x, F23, F1, F1x, F24, F24B and the F26X Crossover. We look forward to providing you with exceptional customer service during the production of your FORCE BOAT and FORCE CUSTOM TRAILER.

We guarantee your Force Boat will have unbeatable structural strength combined with the finest finish.