Hi Rod and the team at Force Boats.We would love to write a few words about our fantastic Force…………..

In purchasing our beautiful boat last year we were just so excited to be able to have a Force as our friends owned one and it was amazing.

My husband is involved with ski racing and my son and I got sick of been left at home so we decided to buy a Force 21ft for us to have for the family and for my husband’s ski racing which has been a great benefit for us.

We had fantastic service from Rod and the team at Force who sent through photos of our new boat as it was going through its process and they were more than happy to go the extra mile to answer any questions for us.

We use our 21ft force for the ocean going out to the reef spending the day with friends. My husband uses it for ski racing and we also use it in the dam in fresh water socially.
We love it. It looks fantastic and sits so well in the water. We feel very secure when we are out in it and our 2 year old son just loves it, he always talks about his blue force and carry’s around a picture of it everywhere with him showing everyone. He will definitely be a Force customer in many years to come.

We thank you for building us such a remarkable boat. It is a privilege owning it and also a privilege belonging to a family of Forces……

Thanks again

Scott, Nikki and Vinn O’Brien

I bought my F19x in 2007 as I think they are the most innovative looking boat to hit the market in the last 20 years and they were already stamping their authority on the sport of ski racing. The result is if I was looking to upgrade now I can’t think of any other boat that I would buy. The performance in rough and smooth is magic. If it launches off a wave it always lands beautifully.The boat makes average drivers like me, look like guns, they are so forgiving. The build quality, performance and look, I couldn’t be happier. I have also called Rod a few times for advice on setup issues and they have always been available or called me back with their thoughts on my questions.

Bottom line as you can see is ……I love my boat.

Thank you Rod and the Force team..

Greg and Ash Smith. (Team LETHAL)

Dear Rod, As I was only 21 when I bought my F23 from you guys it was every chance of being quite a daunting experience but I would like to say that you guys made it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Allowing me to come out and inspect it a couple of times while it was in thee process of construction was also enjoyable. I cannot stress enough how much fun was had by all who stepped on board. Every time I had it on the water it never missed a beat, eating up any conditions that were thrown at it.

I often took it down to Darling Harbour for a weekend afternoon and I would have owners of much bigger and more expensive boats asking me “What is that Awesome Machine?” and where did I get it. That I think is a credit to your design and workmanship. Every time I drive past a boat ramp or see another boat on a trailer I wish I still had it but rest assured you will see me and my bad jokes again.


Jess Goodman | Valuer/Buyer




Hi Rod“We have just completed our third NZ Offshore Powerboat Racing season in our Force F19X, all up 24 races. Winning two Championship Titles. In between times the boat has competed successfully in the NZ Waterski Racing series taking class wins in many races. We also hold the NZ kilo speed record for our class.

We have pushed the boat to the limits in all sorts of conditions and the F19x has never let us down. The great thing is that the boat still looks like it did the day we received it from Force. This is the most versatile, best built and competitive performance boat that anyone could ever want.

Greg Brinck ‘Konica Minolta’ F19X – 2008 Sport 60 and 2009 Overall 60 Mile Championship winners


Being used to heavy, slow social boats, it took a while for me to get used to handling a ‘Thoroughbred’, but I’m learning.

To say that we are happy with our Force would be grossly understating the truth, we are ecstatic, our F19x ,’Out Numbered’ has exceeded our expectations. The finish and workmanship that the team at Force put into the construction and fit out of your product is second to none.

Since taking delivery of our boat we have had the opportunity to see many boats produced by other companies, with a similar claim to fame, they don’t even come close. The passion and dedication of your team are evident in the finished product through its appearance and performance.

Thanks to Force Boats for the experience.

Mat, Julie, Ellen, Grace and Abbie Jones

Hi Rod and all the crew at Force HQ,I’m not the best with words butt here are my thoughts … I am very pleased and happy with my boat. The workmanship, detail and performance is excellent, everywhere I go or take my boat the people that come up and comment and ask questions is unreal and I feel good about it!

Every time I take it out it’s an experience and a challenge and I’m loving it, I am still learning a lot about the boat especially when it nearly sits in thee shed for 5 months of the year as I am involved with the crushing (sugar cane harvesting) I use it in a lot of offshore ski racing, cruising around the islands and a bit off social skiing, and just recently entered a drag boat racing meet in Ayr which was called Liquid Lightening and I came forth overall.

Now, far as dealing with you guys I have no complaints what so ever, I always found you to be very obliging and courteous, as busy as Rod must be, he always made time to come to the phone, he always took the time to talk on the phone and I never felt like I was a nuisance no matter how crazy some of my questions might have been, and there were some!! If he wasn’t around I was always sure that he would return my call which goes a long way, and was always helpful with decisions. Same to you Carena. Look I can’t wrap you guys enough and I always recommend a Force Boat to anyone who is interested in buying a boat.

The only problem I have with mine, is finding a name, pretty sad hey!! So shoot me a name if you have a good one!

Thanks again,

Cheers Aaron Wright.

Hi Rod,I would like to give you guys some feedback on your product.

I first purchased a second hand F18 (Stalker) in 2005 & went about making it completive. I was wrapped when I put a call into Force HQ, not expecting a lot of help, Rod couldn’t have been more than helpful even though I had bought a second hand boat.

The F18 ran & won a lot of races in the highly completive SMOC class including Aust Titles & Vic Point score series, & the biggest prize in ski racing the River Classic Super Series. With the soon to be released F19x the Stalker team couldn’t wait to order one. It was built by the best ski racing boat builders in Australia & I couldn’t have been happier with the end result.

After running the F119x for 3 yrs, winning & breaking records in one of toughest classes in racing it shows how good Force boats are built. We have just sold the F19x and I can’t wait for the new F21 to be completed by the very professional team at Force!!!

It is a pleasure for the ‘Stalker’ team to run a FORCE BOAT the No1 built boat in Australia & look forward to more succcess in the future with our new F221 stern drive. The Stalker team would like to thank all the team at Force for the special attention to detail they put in.

Cheers, Brad Groves

“I have owned a Force F18 ‘FULLFORCE’ since 2000; this boat is everything you could ask for in a single package. No other boat is more suited to Ski Racing, Circuit Racing or the occasional social ski. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none – still to this day the F18 Hull still looks like it has just rolled out of the Force Factory.”Take care talk soon


Hi all at Team Force! Just wanted to touch base after my Christmas break with the family at Echuca in which we managed to do plenty of water skiing behind what I would call the most awesome boat on the river. Just wanted to let you know Rod that we love the boat and it is such a pleasure to drive not to mention the amount of punch it has around some of the tight bends that the Murray can put forward, it is everything I wanted and thank you for that!Have so many people stop me to look at the boat and ask questions .

Thanks again team Force. Bring on the Southern 80!

Corey Wilkes
Force F21 Race Outboard
January 2014