“Code red” Force F21x Race Outboard

“Code Red” Force F21x Race Outboard
TEAM: Driver: Paul Steen, Observer: Joanne Steen,
Skiers: Harrison Steen and Cooper Steen
Force Boats asked the team if they could share some information;
1) How long have you owned your Force Boat for? 2 Years
2) Did you name your Boat? Yes “Code Red”
3) The Engine? 200 HP Outboard
4) How much fuel can it carry? 150 ltrs
5) What do you mainly do with your boat? Social mainly around Wisemans Ferry NSW and Bridge to Bridge ski race
6) Are you currently Racing in the sport? YES 10 years
7) Some Achievements? 3rd in the Southern 80
8) What is the best thing about your boat? The Look, The ride and the awesome options you can get.
9) Anything else you’d like to share? This is my 2nd Force Boat and its like being in an elite club.

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