EVIL” Racing Force F1, F1x, F21 and F1 Outboard

EVIL” Racing Force F1, F1x, F21 and F1 Outboard
TEAM: Adam Lees, Shannon Lewry, Doug Lees & Steve Lewry
Force Boats asked the team if they could share some information;
1) How long have you owned your Force Boat for?
Tru Blue = 3 years Prim Evil = 1 year Dr Evil = 3 years & Evil One = 2 years
2) Did you name your Boat? Yes we named all except Tru Blue
3) The Engine? Tru Blue & Prim Evil 1350 Dr Evil 725 & Evil One 300
4) How much fuel can it carry? Tru Blue & Prime Evil = 400 Litres, Dr Evil 250 litres & Evil One 200 litres
5) What do you mainly do with your boat? Ski race
6) Are you currently Racing in the sport? YES over 10 years this time around, however we were involved in the 80’s
7) What is your favourite feature and options? They work well, are well made and look awesome!
8) Some Achievements?
Unlimited 1st Place H120 2016
Unlimited 2nd Place S80 2017
Bridge to Bridge, Southern 80 and H120 Social Outright winners
2017 Hawkesbury Double Dash Outright Dr Evil, 2016 2nd outright, 2015 2nd outright
Bridge to Bridge 8 litre Class 2nd twice
9) What is the best thing about your boat? You cant beat the all-round package, and you will never see a Force hull compromised in strength. The rough water ability is second to none
10) Anything else you’d like to share? “EVIL” Racing enjoys the theme of our race team, being all things Evil! and we enjoy playing with the boat themes to match our philosophy of having some fun!!

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