“Fastlane” Force F21 Race Outboard “The Lane family” Mercury 300XS

“Fastlane” Force F21 Race Outboard “The Lane family”
TEAM: Driver/Skier: Jono Lane Observer: Michael Lane
Skiers: Nicole Lane, Billy Pracey, Max Pracey
Babysitter & most important member of the team; Rhonda Lane
Force Boats asked the team if they could share some information;
1) How long have you owned your Force Boat for? 3 months
2) Did you name your Boat? Yes ” Fastlane”
3) The Engine? 300XS
4) How much fuel can it carry? 120L
5) What do you mainly do with your boat? Waterski Racing
6) Where do you mainly visit in your boat? Various venues around NSW
7) How long have you been involved in the sport? 11 years
8) What is the best thing about your boat? The sleek design of the boat and in particular the dash
9) Some Achievements? At Australian Speed and Marathon Championships – our first major race meeting!!
– 1st – F2
– 1st – Womens Marathon 30-40yrs
– 2nd – Mens Social
– 2nd – 60mph expert and social
– 3rd – Mens 30-40 yrs

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