Force F19x and F18x “Galaxie”

“Galaxie” Darren Whitfield has a
Force F19x Social Boat and a Force F18x Race Boat.
Force Boats asked him if he could share some information;
1) How long have you owned your Force Boats for?Since May 2011 & May 2013.
2) Did you name your Boats? Yes “Galaxie” (As in Ford Galaxie) this has been a traditional name of our families boats since the mid 60’s.
3) The Engine? 300Xs and 200 Pro Xs
4) How much fuel can it carry? 140 Litres and 100 Litres
5) What do you mainly do with your boats? Social Skiing and the occasional power boat race
6) Where do you mainly visit in your boat? Lake Macquarie, The Hawkesbury and Georges River
7) Are you currently Racing in the sport? 4 years Team “Galaxie” raced we are not currently active in the racing scene.
8) What is your favourite feature? Rod has designed a back seat for the 18x which has given the boat dual purpose.
9) Some achievements? 2015 Double dash – 200HP Class Win, 2nd place in the Hawkesbury 120-70 MPH class and 2x Sydney B2B podiums in 200 HP Class
10) What is the best thing about your boats? Unprecedented Performance, Craftsmanship and Lines

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