“Stalker” Racing Force F21s and F19 Outboard

“Stalker” Racing Force F21s and F19 Outboard
TEAM: Brad Groves, Doug Perry, Sam Perry, Beau Duggan
Team Captain: Vikki Groves; the team would be buggered without her!!
Force Boats asked the team if they could share some information;
1) How long have you owned your Force Boat for?
We have had several Force Boats over the last 10 years the current ones are 2012 & 2013.
2) Did you name your Boat? Yes “Stalker”
3) The Engine?
F21s 555 Twin turbo chev 1400HP, F19 250HP Outboard
4) How much fuel can it carry? 400 ltrs & 140 litres
5) What do you mainly do with your boat? Ski race
6) Are you currently Racing in the sport? YES for the past 40 years
7) What is your favourite feature? Red & White Gel Coat
8) Some Achievements?
Unlimited Inboard 2nd S80 2015,R80 3rd 2016,Ted Hurley memorial 2nd 2016, M100 3rd 2017, SMOC Boat Numerous great results over many yrs winning Aust Super Series,Aust Titles,Vic Titles,SA titles 1st in all River classics except Syd bridge, record holder at S80, Vic pt sc series many other wins.
9) What is the best thing about your boat? There fast and there corner speed is awesome
10) Anything else you’d like to share? No doubt about it the best finished boat going around.

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