“Team Pump” Force F21s

“Team PUMP” Force F21s
Rob Constable, Peter Constable & Ryan Constable
Force Boats asked the team to share some information;
1) The engine?Approx 1800 HP
2) How much fuel can it carry? 400 Litres
3) How long have you been in the sport? Just coming back to the sport after a very long break but over 15 years before that.
4) Awesome extra feature to your boat? Gelcoat & Glasswork is next to perfect!! The laminating in the Fuel & Ballast is perfect!!
5) Some Achievements? None as of yet since our return to the sport.
6) What is the best thing about this boat in your opinion? The six drive coupled with the right hand rotation combined with centre line set up allows the boat to track straight at any speed.

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