The Latest Force F24 Model ready for Production

See what goes into the moulding process of our latest F24 Mark 11 Stern drive. Features over the old model are a higher swim platform to accommodate the mercury 6 driver and bravo XR Drivers and more clearance for the exhaust. New streamlined forward deck. One peace moulding of entire deck peace.

After 600 hours of creating the deck plug it’s finished in a surfacing primer, sanded flat and buffed to a high gloss finish. The plug is then finished with 7 Coates of a mould release wax. Red tooling gel is applied to the plug surface. First layer of glass is hand lay ensuring a good cure and is air free. Multiple layers of glass are then applied before switching to a moulding resin which is 99% shrink free. Multiple layers of the moulding reason are hand layed.

Then a steel frame is welded together and attached to a new mould using the moulding resin and glass. Wheels are fitted to the steel frame ensuring heights are correct. Once the mould has cured, the plug is removed from the mould using plastic wedges and sheer force. Once the plug is removed the mould is buffed to a high gloss finish. Once buffed the waxing process is once again applied to the mould. The mould is now ready for production.

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